Sarah + TEAMWORK = ???

March 8, 2011

So if you’ve been following some of my recent journeys you know that I planned on doing the Race to 2025

I didn’t just plan, I did it!

With a lot of help – both from my teammates and you who prayed and supported me! THANK YOU!

Our fundraising goal for the DRC was $50,000! When I left that weekend, we had raised $49,600! I’m sure that we’ve had some late donation trickle in since then bringing us to our goal to make a difference in the DRC!

Sarah + Teamwork = our team coming in the best time for our weekend race!! 11 hours and 24 minutes. The next closest team was 11 hours and 54 minutes. But we never would have been able to do this without my teammates assistance. It shames me to say that I was the weak link in the group. Due to various reasons I hadn’t put in the training I should have before hand…so the choice the guys made in carrying my bag UP the mountain (in addition to their own bag) and me ALLOWING them to do so – is what enabled us to do so.

It was a struggle for me to allow them to help me, but it helped me learn the tremendous value of teamwork…Check out some of the photos of our team the photographer shot of us along the way….

4 teammates + 10 teams = 36 opponents! (can you find me? ) 
Meet Sarah, Sam (Upcoming Race to 2025 Coordinator), Rick (intern soon headed to the DRC) and Derryl (my boss) 

One of the few times I’m carrying my bag uphill

Check out the View!!!

Note how I DON’T have a bag and Sam the 56 year old has 2!!

Check Point Challenge! (There were many along the way…trekking with a compass, decyphering a train schedule in Chinese- when no one reads it, moris code, Scripture memorization (in another language), and scripture translation to just name a few)

Survival Skills Challenge: Who can make a fire and bring a cup of snow to a BOIL the fastest?!?!
We did! With ONE match!

Getting hooked in to cross the traverse….I had sore abs the next few days…..

Passport Stamp! Proof that we completed each challenge!

This was not my favorite thing….but afterwards I realized I hadn’t eaten in over 5 hours and had drank very little water so that could have had something to do with it….

Bible Translation challenge: Topic- Fishers of Men – for a community that doesn’t look upon fishermen favorably…that made things INTERESTING…but is only one challenge among many that Bible translators face……

Village Challenge:  Interact with the Non-English speaking village members

and learn as many words as possible

learning how to dance…
A great weekend. adventure filled. with lots of money raised for work in the DRC! If you like adventure and hiking I’d highly recommend participating!
We have yearly Races both in the winter and in the summer!


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