-33* Celsius & lots of snow: A typical African Village.

February 23, 2011

-33 * C & LOTS of Snow – DOES NOT EQUAL –  A typical Africa Village ANYWHERE.
Let alone in Kenya.

But this weekend.
It did. 
Within a few hours we created an African Village for the Racers of Race 2025 to journey through on their way to the finish line of the 2 day race. Complete with some huts, fire pits, lots Ugali, fresh goat meat, and chai! We’re raising the funds for The DRC, but were unable to get Congolese on the race day…so some Kenyans graciously agreed to step in! And thankfully things warmed up after the first morning to range mostly between -5 and -10!

writing down the words learned for the linguistic challenge

Charades and a flair for the dramatic comes in handy when you need to figure out what words are in another language, to win the linguistic aspect of the Race…..(I wonder how dramatic I can be….)

Inside one of the huts

You really don’t want your boots to fall off at this point!

The students raised $24,000 this last weekend!!!!! We’ll see how much is raised this next weekend!
We’re hoping & praying for a combined total of $50,000!

 I’ll be competing in this next weekend (as I’ve mentioned before)!!!  If you’d like to help me sponsor me for race for the DRC, please visit: https://www.strategicprofitsinc.com/hosted/wycliffe/donation/ and specify that the funds are to go to “Sarah Barnes to Race to 2025”. (For more information about the Race please see the previous post)

-33* C & LOTS of snow = A Kenyan Village.


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