“Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair”

February 15, 2011

Well, the BIG news is that I’ve officially started with Wycliffe as of Jan 28th!


I haven’t raised the 100%, but I’m very close – I have about 98% of my funds committed to date! Wycliffe has granted me special permission to start as I’m so close! So this is what we decided to do, trusting in faith that as I start the work the Lord will bring in the rest of the finances that are needed!

I’ve been in Calgary, AB with my boss and the rest of the NextGen Department for a week and a half, learning the ropes. Some of the interesting things I’ve been doing:

1. Sharing at Prairie Bible College Chapel
2. Sharing at Cafe Wycliffe – a cool weekly event set up for University students and Young Adults in the workforce. It is aimed at encouraging and equiping young people to join the call of global Bible translation. Cafe Wycliffe Website
3. Prepping for the upcoming Race 2025 – An Adventure Fundraising Race with Eternal Impact! Check out the Video:   

The funds for these upcoming races are going towards our work in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

If you’d like to see our most recent video click here (it wouldn’t allow me to imbed it onto this page….)

4. Attended a fundraiser one team for the Race had, to raise their funds for Race 2025 ….Head shaving was promised by each teammate if the the goals of $500 (1 head), $1500 (2 heads), $3000 (3 heads), $10,000 (4 heads) respectively we met. Three heads were shaved!!! including this girl! =) Not to mention that other guys – who are not even racing – GENEROUSLY donated their legs, and for a flat rate of $10 a strip, wax strips could be purchased and used.

The Race 2025 will be taking place the weekend of Feb 18-20 and Feb 25-28!!!!!!!!!
(For more info please visit: http://www.wycliffe.ca/raceto2025/home.html  )


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