What does 17 days and dropping even mean?

January 11, 2011

17 days until I’m scheduled to become an “official” missionary. 17 days. crazy.

So, what am I filling these last days and weeks doing before I’m an “official” missionary?!

– THINKING about packing (yes I said thinking, and not doing….not yet anyways)
– Continuing to meet with people to raise the remaining percent needed (I’m now at 88% !!)
– Trying to figure up how to close up a chapter that has been 12 YEARS of my life. Wow.  (Hopefully, I’m not as much of a pack-rat as the picture below suggests…)

“Sarah, because of your location, can’t you just get a job on the side to help cover the remaining 12% percent?” (several people have asked me this lately so I thought you might like to know)

SURPRISINGLY, NO. Due to government regulations, I will not be allowed to help subsidize my budget by having a part-time job.

What happens when I start?

1. Learn how to live out of a suitcase and not overpack =) …..we’ll see how well I do with this one….
2. Weekend of Jan 28th – go to Nova Scotia to help run the Pursuit Retreat for young adults
3. February – Calgary, Alberta – spend time learning some of the NextGen (my department) ropes at Wycliffe’s head office
4. March – April – Toronto, Ontario – Shadow the current Mobilizer (Recruiter), Jessica, for Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces
5. May – June – Cameroon, Africa – Co-lead a group of University students with Jessica on a 7 week internship to explore the many facets of what being a missionary with Wycliffe looks like!
6. July – HALIFAX – find an apartment, move my things from storage and begin mobilizing others to consider getting involved in the Bible Translation movement!


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