Fall Plans!

September 20, 2010

Short Form:

Speaking Engagements – both big & small – to help me reach 100%

Teaching 2 classes to 2 different ages groups!

Insanity – an aptly named part of my regular schedule

Start Date I’m shooting for – January 2011 – Have an idea where I should speak? Please share it with me!

Detailed Version:   (Following jump)

– Speaking Engagements/ Wycliffe commitments –

If you would like to have me come to your small group or have an idea where I could share, please let me know! I’d love add your idea into my schedule. I can’t successfully complete this journey without you!

My weekly schedule is busy with multiple home meetings (where I share with individual families about how they can  partner with me prayerfully and financially) as well as various involvements at my churches! I’ve included some of the bigger speaking engagements below for you!

Sept 19, 24, 26 – Speaking and Sharing with my Parents’ friends, colleagues and church family in Washington, DC

Oct 5th – Women’s Missions Society – Allison Baptist

Oct 12th or 14th – Help Kala Thompson (Wycliffe’s Internship Coordinator) process Internship applications for students interested in going overseas with Wycliffe. I too will work with the applicants who are chosen when I reach full funding!!!!

Nov 8-9th – My boss Derryl and his wife Karen will be coming East (from Calgary, AB) to visit me and help me with my fund-raising. Meetings are being set up to show the even bigger vision behind my role!

Nov 15th – Wesleyan Women – Moncton Wesleyan

Nov 20 – 23rd – NextGen Retreat – NextGen is the department I’ll be working in within Wycliffe Canada! This weekend is great at connecting all those working to send out more laborers (labourers) to bring in the plentiful harvest. Our roles have us working in many different places across the country! This will be a great time to talk about the last year, and our vision and plans for the upcoming 2011 !

– Teaching –

Mission Possible – A weekly missions course kids ages 5-10 about the important of the Bible, other cultures and how they can get involved with even NOW at their age! Each week they will have a mystery or challenge to solve, and upon completion, they will receive a stamp in their passports! I can’t wait!!! =)

Intro to Acting – My love for acting is taking a bit of a different direction this fall! I’ve always been the actor – this new weekly role as teacher/ director will be a fun one! Looking forward to working with the Middle & High School aged Home schoolers!

Insanity –

A 60 day workout program.

Today = Day 29 / 60!


6 days on, 1 day off.

I’m gaining a great deal of discipline that can be applied in other areas of my life…..1. going when I don’t feel like going, 2. when I go, I see the results (physically, mentally and very importantly on our star chart!!!), 3. If I don’t want to feel sick while doing Insanity, I have to stop all eating before 7pm (…or if I’m pushing it 7:30), 4. Accountability – star chart and friends

– Start Date I’m Shooting for – January 2011 –

As some of you are aware, I’m not able to start working until my monthly, quarterly, yearly etc financial gifts from people add up to 100% of my budget. I’m currently at 34% and really would like to start in January.

“If your God is so big and so great, why can’t He speak my Language?”~ the line God used to begin prompting Cameron Townsend to start Wycliffe Bible Translators.  People are waiting to have God’s Word in their own language – soooooo the sooner I can start the sooner they can get it!

Again if you’d like me to come speak at an event, small group etc please let me know! I can’t successfully start without others helping me get there!


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