“Life has stopped since 2 days” – Firsthand account from Haiti

January 16, 2010

As some of you may know, my father works for Food for the Hungry. This is a letter written from Food for the Hungry’s deputy director in Haiti (the full letter can be found here)…….

Dear FH Family

As you may already know Haiti is going to a very dramatic time after a very strong earth quake that practically destroy mainly Port au Prince and the metropolitan area. We are in a situation of disaster and we are ALL left by ourselves because the UN HQ as been completely destroyed ……Since help from the government or the UN has been totally absent the population is fighting alone and the dead people are just abandoned on the sidewalk we cannot count them…….. My family was miraculously save alive, the house where I lived is completely destroyed although the roof is still standing….. Next door,  where I grew up my parents house is completely smashed down with my father .  He died….we were able to remove him under the roof from after 2 hres of effort and  I have  buried him in the front yard of  his home …… I am trying to help as a doctor but there is not much supply to care for wound and bruises.

Life has stopped since 2 days….. Dear Colleagues I do not see how nor when we can go back to work …I personally have almost  lost everything as furniture and clothing ,shoes ; however my laptop ( my working  life  was with me and is still safe ) School year is probably lost, because most schools are destroyed … I do not know….

We need you to pray for lives to be changed by the grace of GOD I have never seen Haitian crying out to GOD like thatSo it is a right time for them to accept the Lord as their savior .



To follow Food for the Hungry’s work in Haiti and contribute towards their relief and development initiatives visit http://www.fh.org/learn/news/disaster/haiti-rocked-by-powerful-quake?promocode=WA25WD0A2 


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