Happy New Year!…10 days late!

January 11, 2010

Thank you so much for praying for me and the 17,000 others that were at Urbana!!! I was challenged by so many of the speakers…tonight, as I think about this new year and the possibilities it holds, I find myself thinking about a comment one Urbana speaker (Ramez Atallah) made about Elizabeth Elliott (wife of martred Jim Elliott). After his death she spent over 10 years working on a Bible Translation, only for it to be COMPLETELY lost in a flood. Rather than being bitter and angry over this monumental loss, she said:

“Our calling to Jesus is to obedience, for God’s glory, not to success.”

I can’t imagine uttering such words after losing something that I had dedicated so much of my time, and life into…. In fact, I remember several times crying and crying and feeling like all hope was gone over University papers that had disappeared from the computer, never to be seen again. I felt completely hopeless, like everything I had just done was a complete waste…despite Janice’s reassurance that everything would turn out alright. I probably hadn’t saved the document correctly……I’m sure this has NEVER happened to you!

Maybe my example doesn’t exactly correlate, but I think Elizabeth Elliott had it right. “Our calling to Jesus is to obedience, for God’s glory, not to success.”

Hopefully, I’ll remember that next time something goes differently than I thought it was supposed to turn out.


One comment

  1. wow.. what wonderful comments…. powerful! I totally hear you about losing even a page of work! obedience… how i must remember!

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