Urbana Day 3!!!

December 30, 2009

A few snipets of things I learned today at Urbana-

Ramez Atallah – 4 Principles he’s learned – 1)When we make any purchase ask: will this be a Tool or Toy (is this a necessary purchase or not)?, 2) Live below your income, 3) As your salary increases, so increase your tithe, 4)Raise up your kids in the Word of God.

Wycliffe Seminar – The Philippines would like to send out 1,000,000 Tentmakers and 10,000 Career Missionaries into the world by the year 2020!! With their current strides this goal is well within their reach!! Please pray!!

Wycliffe Sign Language Bible Translation Seminar – Ever thought that the deaf needed their own Bible translation? Reading for a deaf person is very difficult….Every word has letters that represent sounds. Yet for a deaf person who has never sounds, this makes things EXTREMELY complicated. “It’s like learning a phone number for every word.”

Oscar Muiru from Kenya said: We could spend time critiquing HIS generation for the ways and methods they used to spread the Gospel. OR Insead, we could show his generation how it is done!! He entreated us to take missions to the next level. And ended with a haunting question: “Will God find people to rise up for voluntary poverty, a lifetime commitment and radical engagement in this generation? Or will God have to wait for the next generation?”

Wycliffe Seminar (From Mission Field to Mission Force)- South Asia : “Almost everything is ready, we are waiting for you. You can change the nations.”

But will we?…..


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