I want my drop to count

November 11, 2009

 N-189-0018“Everything we do is but a drop in the ocean, but if we don’t do it, that drop will be missing forever.” Mother Theresa

For years, I’ve been searching for something bigger than myself. Wanting to make a difference. But doesn’t everyone? I’ve had some wonderful opportunities, but was still unsatisfied. I wanted more. That’s when I began hearing the call of Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT) to get involved. But I was quickly bombarded with uncertainty, fears, and people saying ‘surely you don’t want to make a difference in THIS way’. Yet despite all this, when I took the time to really listen, I felt God’s assurance that Wycliffe and I were a perfect match. It was then that I decided to jump in. This is my story…….




  1. Yay Sarah. You have a blog I am so happy – and I love your post about google reader. I have been using it for years!

  2. Sarah! I just discovered TODAY that you have a blog! 🙂 It’s so nice! I especially love the pic that shows off your unique eyes! Love!

  3. Glad to find you here, good post my dear 🙂

    • Thanks Renee! Happy New Year!

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