The trek begins!

November 10, 2009

My journey with Wycliffe began when I was 16(2000) on a missions trip with them in Guatemala. Little did I know then, that in Nov/Dec of 2008 I would begin to feel God calling me to get involved in Wycliffe’s ministry to minority people groups! Below ais a portion of a letter that I wrote earlier this year explaining bits and pieces of my journey.

~ ~ ~

“As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God: Missionaries, not aid money, are the solution to Africa’s biggest problem”. The words jumped off the computer screen at me. I was flabbergasted and excited that an atheist writer (Matthew Parris) would make such a bold statement. One month later, I was reintroduced to this article at a Missions Conference with Wycliffe Bible Translators. There I was reminded about the Great Commission: to help people in spiritual and physical poverty. I know about this, because the Bible directs me to do so…the Bible directs me to do so. Yet out of the 7000 languages in the world over 2200 languages still do not have the Bible in their language. Millions are unaware of what Christ has done for them – clearly there is work to be done.


This brings me to my journey of the last few months, which started with an article by an atheist. You never know what God will use to grab your attention! God has been leading me to join the process of bringing the Bible to Bibleless people, so that more “from every nation, tribe, people and language” (Rev. 7:9) might come to know Him. I have responded to this leading, and have begun the adventure of joining Wycliffe to work as a mobilizer in Wycliffe’s NextGen (Next Generation) outreach to encourage young adults to consider global missions as a their career path, while using the experience and skills they already possess!

One of the beginning stages in my journey with Wycliffe entails going on a three-week group volunteer work project to an Asian country this last summer. This service opportunity will be a great foundation for my anticipated position with Wycliffe, as I along with the rest in the group will be able to experience first hand through our heart, hands, eyes, taste buds, and yes even our noses what another culture is like . . . and to learn of the changes Bible translation makes on individuals and communities.



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  1. He is doing a great work in you… : )
    Fantastic blog too!!!

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